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to the beginning | a mix for the master trio | {listen} - {vol. 1} - {vol. 3}

1. dead hearts - stars | i can say it but you won’t you believe me / you say you do but you don’t deceive me / it’s hard to know they’re out there / it’s hard to know that you still care
2. i will always be your soldier - marit bergman | what it comes down to / is you are the one / who truly understands / wherever you go / i hope that you know / that i’m at your command
3. misguided ghost - paramore | i’m going away for a while / but i’ll be back / don’t try and follow me / ‘cause i’ll return as soon as possible / see, i’m trying to find my place / but it might not be here where i feel safe / we all learn to make mistakes / and run from them
4. who knew - pink | if someone said three years from now / you’d be long gone / i’d stand up and punch them out / ‘cause they’re all wrong / i knew better / ‘cause you said forever / and ever / who knew?
5. little lion man - mumford and sons | weep for yourself my man / you’ll never be what is in your heart / weep little lion man / you’re not as brave as you were at the start / rate yourself and rake yourself / take all the courage you have left / and waste it on fixing all the problems / that you made in your own head
6. spiders - editors | there’re spiders in your room / but there always will be / there’s people to be fooled / and there always has been
7. dark paradise - lana del rey | every time i close my eyes / it’s like a dark paradise / no one compares to you / i’m scared that you / won’t be waiting on the other side
8. you were a kindness - the national | there’s a radiant darkness upon us / but i don’t want you to worry / i was careful but nothing is harmless / baby you better hurry
9. help i’m alive (acoustic) - metric | if you’re still alive / my regrets are few / if my life is mine / what shouldn’t i do? / i get wherever i’m going / i get whatever i need
10. cosmic love - florence & the machine | i took the stars from my eyes / and then i made a map / and knew that somehow / i could find my way back / then i heard your heart beating / you were in the darkness too / so i stayed in the darkness with you
11. arise - flyleaf | hold on to the world we all remember fighting for / there’s some strength left in us yet / hold on to the world we all remember dying for / there’s some hope left in it yet

not over | a mix for the island trio | {listen} - {vol. 2} - {vol. 3}

1. we’re going to be friends - the white stripes | tonight i’ll dream while i’m in bed / when silly thoughts go through my head / about the bugs and alphabet / and when i wake tomorrow i’ll bet / that you and i will walk together again
2. the wanderlust - metric feat. lou reed | i never wanted to go home / wanderlust will carry us on / there was nothing there for me / wanderlust will carry us on
3. blue skies - blue october | it’s time to leave the past in the past / and lace up a new set of shoestrings / i want the world to know i’ve got your back / through up and down, see
4. paradise - coldplay | when she was just a girl | she expected the world | but it flew away from her reach | so she ran away in her sleep
5. not gonna get us - t.a.t.u. | starting from here / let’s make a promise / you and me / let’s just be honest / we’re gonna run / nothing can stop us / even the night / that falls all around us
6. my friends - red hot chili peppers | my friends are so distressed / and standing on the brink of emptiness / No words i know / of to express / this emptiness
7. even deeper - nine inch nails | i woke up today / to find myself in the other place / with a trail of footprints / from where i ran away
8. fear and loathing - marina and the diamonds | and now i see / i see it for the first time / there is no crime in being kind / not everyone is out to screw you over / maybe, oh just maybe / they just wanna get to know ya
9. pocketful of sunshine - natasha bedingfield | there’s a place that i go / that nobody knows / where the rivers flow / and i call it home / and there’s no more lies / and the darkness is light / and nobody cries / there’s only butterflies
10. umbrella - vanilla sky | when the sun shines / we’ll shine together / told you i’ll be here forever / said i’ll always be a friend / took an oath / i’mma stick it out till the end
11. on top of the world - imagine dragons | i’ve tried to cut these corners / try to take the easy way out / i kept on falling short of something / i coulda gave up then but / then again I couldn’t have ’cause / i’ve travelled all this way for something
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abuse/abused | a fanmix for the alice series | {listen}

1. sweet dreams (are made of this) - emily browning | sweet dreams are made of this / who am i to disagree? / i travel the world and the seven seas / everybody’s looking for something
2. gaslight - emilie autumn | and so i hold tight to any hand i see / but nothing’s alright / they’re always watching me / and no one’s coming / coming to take me home
3. today - halou | i keep waiting for the shoe to drop / waiting for the axe to fall / and it will happen, this i know / just not so far
4. pure imagination - maroon 5 | there is no life i know / to compare with pure imagination / living there you’ll be free / if you truly wish to be
5. ritalin - bourgeois & maurice | life can be just one vacation / if you take your medication / you won’t feel sad or emotional / you won’t feel very much at all
6. missed me - the dresden dolls | missed me, missed me / now you’ve gone and done it / hope you’re happy in the county penitentiary / it serves you right for kissing little girls / but i will visit, if you miss me
7. falling - florence and the machine | because falling’s not the problem / when i’m falling i’m in peace / it’s only when i hit the ground / it causes all the grief
8. her eyes are underneath the ground - antony and the johnsons | her eyes are basking in the sun / no one knows why she did the thing she’s done / ocean, swallow me now / ocean, swallow me now

so many dirty things | songs for heartless bastards | {listen}

1. extreme ways - moby | extreme places i had gone / that never seen any light / dirty basements, dirty noise / dirty places coming home / extreme worlds alone / did you ever like it then?
2. my kind of guy - kaiser chiefs | you’re my kind of guy, ‘cos i like your style / and you sound as horrible as me / and i don’t mind if you’re unkind / you’re reminding me of me
3. uniform - bloc party | 'cause we're so handsome / and we're so bored / so entertain us / tell me a joke / make it long / make it last / make it cruel / just make me laugh
4. artificial nocturne - metric | we hide out in the back / like shadows in a stranger’s dream / hiding out in the back together / hiding out in the back forever
5. damaged people - depeche mode | we’re damaged people / drawn together / by subtleties that we are not aware of / disturbed souls / playing out forever / these games that we once thought we would be scared of
6. illusion - vnv nation | a part of your soul ties you to the next world / or maybe to the last / but I’m still not sure / but what i do know is to us the world is different / as we are to the world / but i would guess you would know that
7. the bitter end - placebo | every step we take that’s synchronized / every broken bone reminds me of the second time / that i followed you home / you showered me with lullabies / as you were walking away / reminds me that its killing time / on this fateful day
8. last man on earth - hypnogaja | now I know that i’m alone so / why are you here now?
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