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 what’s going on with that radio? | a silent hill mix | {listen}

1. stranger in a strange land - 30 seconds to mars |enemy of mine/ i’m just a stranger in a strange land / running out of time / we better go, go, go2. enjoy the silence - depeche mode | words like violence / break the silence / come crashing in / into my little world / painful to me / pierce right through me / can’t you understand? / oh, my little girl
3. black sheep - sneaker pimps | if you see me you’ll be crossing the street / or kick me and then leave me to bleed / if looks could kill wouldn’t need all the pills but / i take what it needs to be easy / with the black sheep now
4. cells - the servant | my skin feels like orange peel / my eyes have been vacuum-sealed / my organs move like a squirm of eels / we should be more adventurous with our meals
5. street spirit (fade out) - radiohead | rows of houses, all bearing down on me / i can feel their blue hands touching me / all these things into position / all these things we’ll one day swallow whole
6. human - the cinematics | electric light won’t shine through / my darkest thoughts they stick like glue / too many hours till the daytime comes / and in the meantime i can watch / shadows dance on my bedroom wall / as sleepless nights take their toll
7. the killing type - amanda palmer and the grand theft orchestra | i once stepped on a dying bird / it was a mercy killing / i couldn’t sleep for a week / i kept feeling its breaking bones 
8. lost - vast | there’s no angels here / just a light to lead the way / there’s no innocence / only strangers / oh my lover / on a long long empty road / oh sweet lover, I got lost / and I need to get back home
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